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How do you say your last name?

Poryes is pronounced like "glorious"

Alternative pronunciations include: Poop, yes. Porches. Por favor. Pimp-less. Pork mess. Porno... Poor? Yes.


Amanda is a Brooklyn based comedian. After her twenty-fourth birthday, she moved to New York from California because she likes walking. She studied improvisation and sketch comedy at The Groundlings and Upright Citizen’s Brigade, New York. Her Bachelor of Fine Arts, Acting is from the California State Univeristy, Fullerton.

Growing up in the Bay Area, she named her dog "Daisy" after the sexy, girlfriend dog in the Rodney Dangerfield 1991 animated classic “Rover Dangerfield”.


Character reels. Real reel. Musics.

Characters @Bar


Characters @Burning Man

Writer/Actor/Shot on location in BRC

Characters @Youtube



Actor-ing only

Singing Impressions

V.O. by David C. Ebert Accompaniment by Lance Jabr


I have an idol. It's Meryl Streep. Music & Lyrics: Amanda Poryes

Philosophy: Women in Comedy Now

UCB-NBC Diversity Scholarship for the Improvisational Arts


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