I'm Amanda.
Headshot and Resume

Tao de Me

"Those who know, don't speak. Those who don't know what to write on their websites add famous quotes."


It's pronounced Poryes like "glorious". Great-grandma Poryes must have been one hot pregnant lady to get past Ellis Island without our Hungarian last name getting white washed. For instance, my maternal side of my family went from Thomeshevski to Thomas. Those ugos.


My parents taught me education is important (BFA Acting from California State University, California). I used this mentality against them when I started taking improv classes to learn how to poorly pantomiming washing dishes and fishing (Groundlings, UCB NY). I grew up in the San Fransisco Bay Area before living in Sothern CA and New York. Why did I move? I broke up a then-boyfriend and read "The Artist's Way". Ask me about it. I'll go on for at least forty-five minutes

Fun facts

Some more fun things about me: I have a phobia of fuzzies, the characters in costume at theme parks, not the sexual fetish. I'm afraid of spirders, the insect that is creepy crawly, not the sexual fetish. I was afraid to die alone. No wait... I'm still afraid to die alone.


Watch and Enjoy! These range from character reels to webseries, including "Never Getting Married", a webseries and two-prov team with my for-now-boyfriend.

Comedy Character Reel

Never Getting Married

Cookie Fix

Never Getting Married

Wait... are you masturbating?

Never Getting Married


I didn't write this.

"S.A.D. Song"

I wrote this with Lance Jabr.

Singing Impressions

Special Thanks to Dave Ebert, on V.O.


I have an idol. It's Meryl Streep.

Women in Comedy Philosophy

2014 UCB-NBC Diversity Scholarship for Improvisation


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